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Lai Lianmao, general manager of the Construction Group, visited Beijing Zhongdi

  From Oct. 28th through 29th, the delegation from Guangsha Group carried out an annual inspection over Zhongdi Company. In the report meeting on inspection that followed, Lai Lianmao gave a speech. He said that Zhongdi Company had surmounted the difficulties encountered during the friction period within a short period of time after foundation; that Zhongdi Company had shown the momentum to develop itself into a competitive company; that the employees of Zhongdi Company had displayed fairly good enthusiasm and their devotion to work and created a good environment for development; and that the Construction Group was satisfied with the achievements made by Zhongdi Company in 2004.

  Zhongdi Company has a rather weak foundation and therefore not strongly resistant to risks. So it must be creative in its development instead of following the usual development mode to catch up with other companies. It must be more open-minded in employing project managers for signature projects and be more creative in working modes by emphasizing on capital and knowledge intensity. Internal bidding and liability mechanism must be implemented for big projects.

   Mr. Lai also put forward his six proposals for the work of Zhongdi Company:

1.Human resources: college and vocational school graduates that the Company employs may reside in Hangzhou but work in Beijing. Graduates from remote and faraway regions shall be preferably employed as they tend to be more dedicated to the company. Talents must be deployed to the Project Dept. for training.

    2.Brand establishment: plans and targets must be made for next year to establish the brand name of Zhongdi Company as this is the foundation for long-term development.

    3.  Management of projects in other cities: management must be strengthened in the regard. Work targets must be in place; management on risky projects must be strengthened, or big losses may be incurred.

    4.Quality and safety issues: quality and safety is a severe problem for Zhongdi Company. As the construction industry is full of risks, quality and safety becomes the top priority. Zhongdi must establish and improve on its quality and safety control system. The rules requirements by the headquarters must be fully implemented, especially regarding projects in other cities.

     5.   Work of the CPC committee, work union and the Youth League must be further strengthened. Their support to the production work of the company has been quite encouraging and it is hoped to continue.

     6.Brand name and qualifications of the Construction Group must be fully utilized: specific targets must be made regarding the utilization of the brand name and qualifications of the Construction Group. The utilization of the brand name and qualifications of the Group must fully consider the status quo of Zhongdi Company to achieve the best efficacy.


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